Best Locos

Sharing some of the best locos which have hauled my trains.

The Electric Beasts

Erode WAP4 #22222

My Favourite. Known 1st journey was back in 2010 May 16th, with 6350 Parasuram Express. Then a memorable ride with 2624 Chennai Mail in the same year. But the best was in 2014… With 12643 Swarna Jayanti. we did Trivandrum to Kollam in an astonishing 45 minutes! A friend who was accompanying me was asking me “do trains run like this here??”

Erode WAP4 #22890

My 2nd Favourite. Known 1st journey with this was in 12624 Mail, in 2011 end. Those days, the loco carried no shed markings. Then in 2012, This loco hauled my Garib Rath. What a run it was! Trip Report.

Santragacchi WAP4 #22864

This one came out of the blue. An off link to be precise. The only other loco other than 22890/ED to haul my train at 130 kmph. It was a journey I will never forget, because of the sheer amount of late my train 22406 Bhagalpur Garib Rath accumulated throughout the journey. I first spotted this loco at Katpadi Junction, but I didn’t expect this one to haul my train any day in my dreams.

Howrah WAP4 #22519

A single journey. Howrah – Jodhpur Superfast. Barddhaman Junction and Asansol Junction in 78 minutes, with 2 unscheduled halts. Enough said.

Royapuram WAP4 #22888

I remember this for a matter of few seconds. On board Island Express from Kottayam to Chalakudi. Approaching Vaikom Road Station at 90 kmph. We take the curve just before the station and I was shocked to see the signal was to the loop line! For a moment, I thought something wrong is going to happen. Hardly 100 meters to the loop and the Loco Pilots hit Emergency Brakes… The loco entered the loop and came to a dead stop. Many passengers were looking out of the door what has happened!

Arakkonam WAM4 #20427

Unfortunately, this loco is no more. It was condemned. I will remember this for the best run with 3352 Alleppy – Dhanbad Express, from Vaniyambadi to Chennai Central.

Royapuram WAP7 #30366

The 1st 3 Phaser to the list. It was one super super journey with this in Alleppy Express from Chennai Central to Chalakudi. The real catch was that day, we were just 1 minute late at Arakkonam Junction (Because we had a brief halt at Home Signal), then it was before time at Katpadi Junction, Jolarpettai Junction and Salem Junction, finally ending up to a halt at Kaveri at 01:55!

Itarsi WAM4 #21373

A recent entry. I had a wonderful run with this loco in charge of my Ganga Kaveri Express.

Ghaziabad WAP5 #30036

Behold the beast. Nagda Junction to Dakaniya Talav in 2 hour 15 minutes. Worst – I was sleeping. I first thought it was a onetime stuff, but I was proven wrong. Kota Junction to Ranthambhore was smoked in 1 hour 13 minutes. All this with the king kept right behind. P.S: Guess my train.

Ghaziabad WAP5 #30029

The last to the electric beast list – Unforgettable instance was outpacing Licchavi Express after Kanpur Bye Pass in a drag race. I was in NCR’s pet child, the Allahabad Duronto.

The Diesel Machos

Ernakulam WDM3A #14030

My favourite in Diesels. It did a super job with my 6337 Hapa-Ernakulam Express. It was a baldie those days, now it’s a rebuilt loco.

Ludhiana WDM3A #14107

Unforgettable run with Hemkunt Express. The way it skipped Ambala City was the best aggression I’ve seen by an Alco.

Gooty WDM3A #14040

Wonderful livery, wonderful journey experience. 1st encounter when it hauled my Jayanti Janatha Express from Renigunta Junction to Pune Jn. The next time I saw this was doing Banking Duties of my train in Kulem – Castle Rock Section!

Golden Rock WDM3A #16405R

A loco which did a super run in Konkan. 3 weeks after that run, the loco was transferred to Ernakulam!! P.S: Find my Train.

Golden Rock WDM2 #16666

A loco which just kept on impressing me. It first hauled my Executive express from Ernakulam to Chalakudi, and then my Tea Garden from Erode to Chalakudi. Rebuilt in 2014 to a WDM3A and allotted to Ernakulam, this one gave a stellar show with my 16337 Okha – Ernakulam Express from Payyanur to Quilandi. The beast was reloaded.

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