Best Locos

Sharing some of the best locos which have hauled my trains.

The Electric Beasts

Erode WAP4 #22222

My Favourite. Known 1st journey was back in 2010 May 16th, with 6350 Parasuram Express. Then a memorable ride with 2624 Chennai Mail in the same year. But the best was in 2014… With 12643 Swarna Jayanti. we did Trivandrum to Kollam in an astonishing 45 minutes! A friend who was accompanying me was asking me “do trains run like this here??”

Erode WAP4 #22890

My 2nd Favourite. Known 1st journey with this was in 12624 Mail, in 2011 end. Those days, the loco carried no shed markings. Then in 2012, This loco hauled my Garib Rath. What a run it was! Trip Report.

Santragacchi WAP4 #22864

This one came out of the blue. An off link to be precise. The only other loco other than 22890/ED to haul my train at 130 kmph. It was a journey I will never forget, because of the sheer amount of late my train 22406 Bhagalpur Garib Rath accumulated throughout the journey. I first spotted this loco at Katpadi Junction, but I didn’t expect this one to haul my train any day in my dreams.

Howrah WAP4 #22519

A single journey. Howrah – Jodhpur Superfast. Barddhaman Junction and Asansol Junction in 78 minutes, with 2 unscheduled halts. Enough said.

Royapuram WAP4 #22888

I remember this for a matter of few seconds. On board Island Express from Kottayam to Chalakudi. Approaching Vaikom Road Station at 90 kmph. We take the curve just before the station and I was shocked to see the signal was to the loop line! For a moment, I thought something wrong is going to happen. Hardly 100 meters to the loop and the Loco Pilots hit Emergency Brakes… The loco entered the loop and came to a dead stop. Many passengers were looking out of the door what has happened!

Arakkonam WAM4 #20427

Unfortunately, this loco is no more. It was condemned. I will remember this for the best run with 3352 Alleppy – Dhanbad Express, from Vaniyambadi to Chennai Central.

Royapuram WAP7 #30366

The 1st 3 Phaser to the list. It was one super super journey with this in Alleppy Express from Chennai Central to Chalakudi. The real catch was that day, we were just 1 minute late at Arakkonam Junction (Because we had a brief halt at Home Signal), then it was before time at Katpadi Junction, Jolarpettai Junction and Salem Junction, finally ending up to a halt at Kaveri at 01:55!

Itarsi WAM4 #21373

A recent entry. I had a wonderful run with this loco in charge of my Ganga Kaveri Express.

Ghaziabad WAP5 #30036

Behold the beast. Nagda Junction to Dakaniya Talav in 2 hour 15 minutes. Worst – I was sleeping. I first thought it was a onetime stuff, but I was proven wrong. Kota Junction to Ranthambhore was smoked in 1 hour 13 minutes. All this with the king kept right behind. P.S: Guess my train.

Ghaziabad WAP5 #30029

The last to the electric beast list – Unforgettable instance was outpacing Licchavi Express after Kanpur Bye Pass in a drag race. I was in NCR’s pet child, the Allahabad Duronto.

The Diesel Machos

Ernakulam WDM3A #14030

My favourite in Diesels. It did a super job with my 6337 Hapa-Ernakulam Express. It was a baldie those days, now it’s a rebuilt loco.

Ludhiana WDM3A #14107

Unforgettable run with Hemkunt Express. The way it skipped Ambala City was the best aggression I’ve seen by an Alco.

Gooty WDM3A #14040

Wonderful livery, wonderful journey experience. 1st encounter when it hauled my Jayanti Janatha Express from Renigunta Junction to Pune Jn. The next time I saw this was doing Banking Duties of my train in Kulem – Castle Rock Section!

Golden Rock WDM3A #16405R

A loco which did a super run in Konkan. 3 weeks after that run, the loco was transferred to Ernakulam!! P.S: Find my Train.

Golden Rock WDM2 #16666

A loco which just kept on impressing me. It first hauled my Executive express from Ernakulam to Chalakudi, and then my Tea Garden from Erode to Chalakudi. Rebuilt in 2014 to a WDM3A and allotted to Ernakulam, this one gave a stellar show with my 16337 Okha – Ernakulam Express from Payyanur to Quilandi. The beast was reloaded.

Stopping for now. Will update some later!

The DEMU Inauguration

It came as a surprise for the people of Kerala when we got news like a new City DEMU service will begin soon in Ernakulam District. The surprising fact for us was the presence of an AC Chair Car coach in it – 1st of its kind in India. I decided to attend the inauguration of the DEMU from Ernakulam, which happened on 21st June 2015.

I managed to reach my home station Divine Nagar by 06:20. As I expected, the 56361 Shornur Junction – Ernakulam Junction Passenger was yet to come. The passenger turned up by 06:30 with Royapuram WAP4 #22845. We had a good run, but it started raining by the time we reached Ankamaly for Kalady. I took a hot tea which gave me some respite from the cold climate. My passenger made it to Ernakulam Junction by 07:35, late by 10 minutes. The train immediately left as 56379 Ernakulam Junction – Allapuzha Passenger after a crew change.

Since the function was at 10:00; I decided to venture out of the station. Had my break fast from a nearby restaurant and came back to station by 09:00. In the mean time 12678 Ernakulam Junction – Bangalore Intercity Express was about to depart with an off link Itarsi WAP4 #22789. By this time, lot of media persons and passengers had gathered near the stage. But the wait for the function still got longer, and the Railway Minister Shri. Suresh Prabhu reached the stage Exactly 1 hour late than the scheduled start time of the Function.

The DEMU was finally inaugurated at 11:55, much later than the scheduled time! I got into the 2nd coach from front. After a slow exit we accelerated towards Ernakulam North and came to halt in front of many amused people in the platform by 12:11. Everyone was trying to take a snap of the decorated train there. I got off from the ordinary coach and decided to try out the main attraction – the lone AC Chair Car coach in the consist. We departed after a 2 minute halt. Many people were standing on the track side just have a look at the new train. We rolled into Idappilli by 12:21. Some passengers got in, some got off. Meanwhile lots of media persons were there in the AC Chair Car conducting interviews with passengers. We were having a slow run and reached our next halt, Kalamassery at 12:30. The train was attracting everyone on the way it was going. Finally by 12:40, the DEMU completed its inaugural run at Aluva in Platform #2. As soon as the train came to a halt, a rain shower began, like a welcome to the new train. I went to the front and witnessed a warm welcome to the crew and passengers onboard the train by sweet distribution.

In between, 17230 Hyderabad – Trivandrum Sabari Express hauled by Erode WAP4 #22555 came into Platform #1 of Aluva. In a matter of seconds, 17229 Trivandrum – Hyderabad Sabari Express hauled by Erode WAP4 #22654 reached Platform #3.

The return journey began at 13:10. By this time, the AC Chair Car was crowded, and only a few seats were left. We reached Kalamassery at 13:20, Idappilli at 13:30, Ernakulam North at 13:38 and finally in Ernakulam South by 13:48. Hardly anyone was there this time around at Ernakulam South. I took a bus to Ernakulam North and boarded 16382 Kanyakumari – Mumbai CST Jayanti Janatha Express and got down at Chalakudy to end the eventful day.

Pictures of the Event

Thanks for Reading!

My Trains in 2014

This Year had been the best for the Rail Fan in Me. Had some superb journeys this year. So I decided to make a list of my trains in 2014, which I took for the first time this year. I have excluded the passenger trains in the list.
1. 12007 Chennai Central – Mysore Shatabdi Express
2. 12759 Chennai Central – Hyderabad Charminar Express
3. 17487 Tirupathi – Visakhapatnam Tirumala Express
4. 18518 Visakhapatnam – Korba Express
5. 12834 Howrah – Ahmedabad SF Express
6. 16713 Chennai Egmore – Rameshwaram Sethu Express
7. 12632 Tirunelveli – Chennai Egmore Nellai Express
8. 12691 Chennai Egmore – Tuticorin Pearl City Express
9. 14609 Rishikesh – Jammu Tawi Hemkund Express
10. 12445 New Delhi – Udhampur Uttar Sampark Kranti Express
11. 14034 Udhampur – Old Delhi Jammu Mail
12. 04052 Jammu Tawi – Anand Vihar Terminus Special
13. 22406 Anand Vihar Terminus – Bhagalpur Garib Rath Express
14. 12352 Danapur – Howrah SF Express
15. 22818 Howrah – Mysore SF Express
16. 22113 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Kochuveli SF Express
17. 16312 Kochuveli – Bikaner Express
18. 12075 Calicut – Trivandrum Jan Shatabdi Express
19. 12659 Nagercoil – Shalimar Gurudev Express
20. 19260 Bhavnagar – Kochuveli Express
21. 12511 Gorakhpur – Trivandrum Rapti Sagar Express
22. 12288 Dehradun – Kochuveli SF Express
N.B: There is one more month in 2014, I will be updating the list if I take any new train next month!!
Should I add from where to where I took these trains?? Suggestions & Comments are welcome.

3 Trains – The Journey of My Life!


Its just about a 2787 kilometers long journey which was over 52 hours, in 3 different trains, I made back in October 2012.It was a special journey for me, taking risks, and this one will always be the journey of my life!


I am a big fan of Formula 1 and Michael Schumacher. I always wanted to watch him in action on track. The 2012 Indian Grand Prix was On October 28th, So I decided to go all the way from Ernakulam to new Delhi to see my favorite star in action. When I discussed about my plans to my friends, some of them were interested to join me for the trip. Finally, it was my great friends, Antony Gijo Paiva and Sivakumar Govindarajan who gave confirmation that they are coming with me to Delhi. But there arises the issues. Both of them are in Chennai, and I’m here in Ernakulam. We all wanted to be in same train towards New Delhi. Then, I prepared 2 Plans so that I can join them somewhere in the journey. So, the final plans were, they will start in a train from Chennai, I will join them either in Chennai itself, or somewhere else after Chennai. I made these plans :-


Take 12625 Trivandrum – New Delhi Kerala Super Fast Express from Ernakulam or Aluva upto Coimbatore Junction. It will reach Coimbatore by 20:00. I can take 12672 Mettupalayam – Chennai Central Nilgiri (Blue Mountain) Express from Coimbatore to Chennai. Its scheduled to arrive at Chennai by 05:05 next day morning. I can take either of early morning New Delhi departures like Rajdhani/Garib Rath/Duranto (which ever is available on the day of travel). So, Calculating the available buffer time (time between arrival and departure), I’ve 55 minutes at Coimbatore, and 1 hour 5 minutes at Chennai(Garib Rath departs at 6:10 from Chennai Central). We decided a weekend journey, so our train turned out to be 12611 Chennai Central – Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express. It was a risky plan, and taking Garib Rath paved way for my Plan B.


Take 12625 Trivandrum – New Delhi Kerala Super Fast Express from Ernakulam or Aluva up to Gudur Junction. Kerala is Scheduled to reach Gudur by 05:55, which is the fisrt station where both the planned trains have a halt. 12611 Chennai Central – Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express departs Gudur at 08:00. So I have an ample 2 hour 5 minutes buffer time. The Only issue was – I’ve never been to Gudur before!

From these two, I chose plan B, because it felt safer than Plan A.We made a final twist. We will get down at Agra, go and watch Taj Mahal, and will take one of the evening departures from Agra to New Delhi. We then decided to take 18237 Bilaspur Junction – Amritsar Junction Chhattisgarh Express from there.

So, this was my final plan – Take 12625 Kerala Express from Aluva up to Gudur Junction, Take 12611 Garib rath from there till Agra, and 18237 Chhattisgarh Express from Agra to New Delhi. Some nail biters were there, all the tickets were in Waiting List! Our Agra – New Delhi one got confirmed 2 weeks before the journey. Garib Rath Tickets were Waiting List 118,119,120 respectively, which moved to Reservation Against Cancellation just 2 days before the journey, and it got confirmed on the date of journey (Thank God). My real issue was the Kerala Express, it was waiting list 198 at the time of Booking, came down to waiting list 98, 2 days before the journey. I was thinking about taking a Tatkal ticket, but I hold on to this one, and I got this ticket Confirmed when chart was prepared!!

There were many firsts for me in this journey – crossing 2500kms, first ride behind a WAP7 locomotive, and moreover, first journey in an Air Conditioned Coach (I usually Prefer Sleeper class for my journeys)!

19th OCTOBER 2012 – The Journey Begins!

I left home by 07:00 with my Trolley and Shoulder Bag (My partners for 1 week). I left my luggage at Aluva Station Cloak room, and went to my office, which is at Info park, Kakkanad. After completing my works, by 14:45, bidding good bye to colleagues, I left off to the station. I made it to station by 16:00 and collected by luggage from the clock room. Now, I was all excited, hoping for a grand journey!

Train 1 : 12625 Trivandrum – New Delhi Kerala Super Fast Express

My train was scheduled to arrive Aluva at 16:15. My coach was S3. when I inquired about my coach position, the lady in the information counter told its 5th from the locomotive. So, I went on to the platform and the wait was on! Announcements of Kerala’s arrival was made at 16:20, and it made into Aluva by 16:26, late by 11 minutes, with Erode WAP4 #22269 in power. Now, the real surprise came when it came to a halt. I couldn’t find my S3 coach on 5th from locomotive, it was an Air Conditioned 3 tier coach in front of me. I realized the mistake – My train had reversed the direction at Ernakulam South. The lady told me the coach position from trivandrum, not the one from Ernakulam. So, my coach is 5th from last, ie the 19th coach from the locomotive! I had to run with my luggage and managed to board my coach, just as my train started. The journey begins! It took a bit of time for me to settled in. We made it to Thrissur by 17:20, slightly behind the schedule. I had a coffe from here. We started off at 17:25, late by 10 minutes.

It started to drizzle at vallathol nagar, the entry point of Palakkad Division. So, I’m leaving my home division behind, and moving on! We crossed the Bharathapuzha bridge and rolled over to the fastest electrified section in Kerala, the Shornur – Palakkad Section. Soon after the negotiation of the long right hand curve,which has a permanent speed restriction of the 30kmph, 22269 unleashed the beast in it, and we hit the Maximum Permitted Speed of 110 for the first time in the journey. Just as my GPS showed 110 kmph, we slowed down and came to a halt at Ottapalam. This halt was introduced for this train just 4 months back. It was still drizzing, and was quickly getting dark. We departed at 18:10, now I moved to the door to enjoy the last rays of sun for the day and the light drizzle.We had been doing a superb run,and the stations were just seen for a mare seconds in the furious run! We finally Slowed down just before Palakkad Junction and crawled into Platform No. 3 by, 18:35, which means we are running as per schedule for the first time in the journey! I got down to take a coffee. The drizzle was gone. After 5 mins, we started off towards Coimbatore.

It was a sedate run through the Ghats, and we made it to Coimbatore Junction by 20:00, on time.I got down and bought a vegetable biriyani for my supper. I saw the slip coaches of Nilgiri (Blue Mountain) on the track right next to me, so, my part 1 of Plan A could have worked.By the time I had finished my Biriyani, we had reached Irugur. There was a painful crawl through Sulur Road, and we reached Tiruppur by 21:00, 12 mins behind schedule. While Approaching Tiruppur, my friend Rakesh Thampi who was at Erode called and told me that he is taking 12695 Chennai- Trivandrum Super fast Express Back to his home. My train started from Tiruppur at 21:04. Now, I wanted to meet him, but I was sure it was going to be close with the two trains, as 12695 is Scheduled to arrive Erode at 21:25, and its departure is at 21:30, where as, my Kerala Express’s arrival is Scheduled at 21:50. I have 50 kms to Erode, my train can do maximum of 110 kmph, and I tried to calculate the least time required to traverse this distance. With my very bad mathematical skills, I rounded off a running time of 40 mins, so I might arrive at Erode by 21:45, and not meeting him. Man plans, God re-plans. So, it was all upto my train’s run to make it to Erode and meet him.

Right after leaving Tiruppur, I called my friend Gijo and asked him to track me these trains via Rail Radar. After a few minutes, he rang me up and told me: “12695 is shown very close to Erode, whereas yours is no where near!” Oh Dear! Now, I may not be able to meet him. So I went to the door, to see whether any other train is going to my opposite side. Now, I my train was really running like mad, like there is some emergency to reach Erode soon! My coach was shaking very violently, making it feel like we might be thrown off the track anytime! My watch showed Its 21:37,and we started to slow down. I received a call from Rakesh telling my train’s arrival at Erode is announced and his train is about to depart. Wow! So, 22269 in its final strech had did a tremendous job!! We made it to Erode by 21:40, full 10 mins ahead of Schedule! I just jumped off from my coach and rushed to meet him, I could just say a hai and and a short talk, and within this, his train started. Phew! It was really close! Since we are very much ahead of schedule, I decided to walk to the front of my train and watch the Loco change.

By the time I reached in front, 22269 was already detached and gone, and Another top mount head lamp fitted WAP4 loco was coming towards my train. As it drew closer, I got a look at it, it was another Erode WAP4, 22273! So, its 22273 which is going to take Kerala Express in the rest of the journey. Now, I was feeling a bit tired after all this action, and started walking back to my coach. In between, I saw a shop selling uzhunnu vadas, I bought 3 of them (It was really delicious ones!). I finished them in no time, bought a coffee and boarded my coach.

We left Erode at 22:00, and 22273 was doing a good job upfront,and made it to Salem Junction by 22:55, bang on time. We departed Salem at 23:00 and then I dozed off in my Side Upper berth,to a deep sleep!So, I missed the some big staions like Jolarpettai, Katpadi and Renigunta. I had kept an Alarm at 05.50, and the scheduled arrival at Gudur Junction was at 05:55, for the 2 minute halt. My ticket is only upto here. It was very hard for me to wake up this early morning (I Love Sleeping!), and unfortunately I hit the snooze when the alarm went off! After 5 more mins, my alarm buzzed, and this time I woke up, with all my senses, only to realise my train has stopped somewhere. Oh My God, have I reached Gudur? I went on to panic mode in no time, grabbed my trolley and shoulder bags. All the shutters were closed in my coach. I managed to open the shutter close to me and found out we are not in a station (Thank God!). It was raining outside, so I couldn’t look outside. I asked the passenger near by me when did we leave Renigunta, and he replied he don’t know. Now I was really nervous. Thoughts of running late eluded me. What if I miss Garib Rath? What will I do next? All these thoughts came to my mind. I rushed to the door, I somehow opened it with trembled hands (I was scared and tensed) and look outside. My train had started to move in between, now we were approaching a station, and it was Gudur Junction! I then rushed to my seat, grabbed my trolley and shoulder bag and reached back to the door. It had started to rain heavily,so I had to run into the benches in the station. In between, 12760 Hyderabad – Chennai Charminar Express had came to the opposite platform. Kerala Express left Gudur at 6:15, leaving me behind in the unknown territory.

I had to be at that very place I got down for almost an hour, since it was raining heavily. I didn’t had an umbrella with me. Brushed my teeth here. Trains were coming and going, and I was seeing majority of them for the first time in my life! 18496 Bhubaneswar – Rameswaram Weekly Express came in to Platform Number 1 at 06:23 and left after a 2 minutes halt. It was hauled by an Itarsi WAM4-6P #21357. There were no signs of rain getting weaker, so I had to sit there itself. A passenger train was there in the 3rd Platform, going towards Vijayawada. A Container rake hauled by Jhansi WAG5H #24074 came into platform number 2 and stopped there. The passenger train in 3rd Platform started its journey towards destination at 06:50. The container train started at 07:00, 10 minutes behind the passenger, towards Vijayawada.Sivakumar and Gijo were giving me frequent updates regarding their run in Garib Rath from Chennai Central Onwards.

For the next 20 minutes, the station was like a barren land with no trains. 57240 Bitragunta – Chennai Central Passenger came into platform number 3 at 07:22, powered by Arakkonam WAG5A #23201. It had coaches wrapped by United India Insurance advertisements. It left towards Chennai at 07:30. Just after 5 minutes, 16094 Lucknow-Chennai Express came to platform number 1 with Erode WAP4 #22340. Now it was a small drizzle, so I went out to platform number 1 with my luggage to buy Breakfast for me and my pals. I got a call from my friend Gautham Kumar, who hails from Nellore telling he is about reach the station to meet me. I ordered 3 sets parcel of Idli and Vada at the restaurant in 1st platform. After 10 minutes,the restaurant guy gave me 2 packets instead of 3. I asked him to give 1 more, and he gave 2 more instead. God, I should learn telugu to communicate with them!

Train 2 : 12611 Chennai Central – Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express.

I heard a WAP4 horn all of a sudden and much to my surprise my 12611 Chennai Central – Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath Garib Rath Express, hauled by Erode WAP4 #22890 came into platform number 2 and came to a halt! It has reached 5 minutes ahead of its schedule!Now, I’m standing in Platform number 1, with my trolley bag in one hand, 2 covers containing the break fast for all of us, and my shoulder bag. My coach was G13, which was 3rd coach from the locomotive. I was standing way back, somewhere near G4 or so, and to make matters worse, I’ve to cross the track to take my train. I ran with all my energy through platform number 1 with my luggage towards my coach, only to see my pals looking for me in the other platform! I was literally shouting their names to help me. They saw my struggle, Gijo came to my side and took my luggage and Sivakumar took our breakfast pack. What a way to get into the train! Guatham was there in platform number 2, and we took this picture just before the start of the journey of my life!

From Left: Gautham, myself, Gijo and Sivakumar.
From Left: Gautham, myself, Gijo and Sivakumar.

Finally, we started off from Gudur at 08:01, as per the scheduled time. It was for the first time I’m traveling in an Air Conditioned coach. Our berths were 20,73 and 74. The Traveling Ticket Examiner came and checked our tickets. I changed to a T shirt, with which I was more comfortable. It had started to rain again, so door plating was out of question for the moment. We went on to have our break fast, which was really delicious. It was lucky that I had an extra set, because all of us really wanted to have some more of that Idli! In between, we had skipped Nellore, a major halt for many train in this route. We were doing good speeds, and by 09:00 the rain had gone, but it was cloudy atmosphere. We came to an abrupt halt after Kavali, at 09:20. We started after a minute, and this was where Sivakumar took this beautiful picture.

Stopped in the Rains...

We had a good run till Ongole, and came to a halt at 10:05 , 15 minutes behind Schedule. It was a short time halt and we started off towards our next Scheduled Halt – Vijayawada Junction just after a minute. Just before reaching Chirala, 12655 Ahmedabad Junction – Chennai Central Navjeevan Express crossed us with an Erode WAP4 as it power. We were then waiting for our biggest catch – The Coromandel Express to cross us. Since we had been standing on door for past 1 hour, our legs were starting to hurt. So what we did is, we pulled down the Coach attendee’s berth, which was kept folded near the door. Upon reaching Tenali, it started to rain heavily. 12841 Howrah Junction – Chennai Central Coromandel Super Fast Express crossed us just after Tenali Junction. Now our WAP4 in charge was really showing some great performance, doing the maximum permitted speed of 110 kmph for a long time. It seemed like the Loco Pilots wanted to end their duty as soon as possible! But we had to slow down and to take the loop line at Duggirala since a BCNA rake was occupying the mainline.


Jayakar sir from Vijayawada called me in between, and informed us that he is coming to meet us at Station. Once the loop was cleared, the Loco Pilots wasted no time and it was a furious run in the pouring rain! The superb run ensured we entered the mighty Krishna bridge by 11:50 and proceeded towards Vijayawada Junction.

We are about to Enter the mighty bridge across Krishna and on our way to Vijayawada
We are about to Enter the mighty bridge across Krishna and on our way to Vijayawada

Thanks to that final rush, we made it to Vijayawada Junction by 11:57, 7 minutes behind Schedule. 18645 Howrah Junction – Hyderabad Deccan East Coast Express was there in the station, with Lallaguda WAP4 #22609 attached to it. Another train with Krishnarajapuram WDP4 #20022 came in our adjacent platform. We went on to buy 3 vegetable biriyanis for our lunch. Jayakar sir came to our coach, and it was very nice to meet him in person. He also got time to take a few snaps with us.

Jayakar Sir

We started from Vijayawada at 12:07, 7 minutes behind schedule. Some of the passengers hadn’t got in, and someone in the group pulled the Alarm Chain to stop the train. We started after 2 minutes, but some one pulled the alarm chain again! 3 of us got out of the coach to see what has happened now. Jayakar sir came to us and told a few guys couldn’t make it to the train, so their friends in the train pulled the chain. Finally, after the two short lived starts, we started off at 12:12, with a delay of 12 minutes.Our new Loco Pilots were on a charge straight away, hitting 110 kmph very soon. I was expecting my train to do 120kmph here, since the tracks are fit for 120kmph. The maximum we reached was 115kmph, as per my GPS. We went on to have our biriyanis. Frankly, there were not of good quality. So I wont prefer biriyani from Vijayawada anymore!

Our constant run was interrupted at Madhira for the first time, as we had to take the loop line since a freight train was occupying the main line. We proceeded with our fast runs after it, but we were only doing 110 kmph! At 13:48,We came to a stop at a station named Mallemadugu, and was there for 3 minutes. Continuous Door plating had made me tired, so I went on to have a power nap. I kept an Alarm, to wake up at 14:45(but I did a blunder, I actually set Alarm for 02:45!). I woke up by 14:50, from a nice dream, with out the help of alarm. I first thought my alarm is not working properly. Then I realised my blunder – I had kept the alarm for next day morning! Whatever, I woke up and washed my face. My train was slowing down. Where have we reached? Gijo was reading a book, and Sivakumar was busy with his Laptop. We came to a halt at Chintalapalli Home signal.

I was witnessing a weird scene now – A freight train is taking main line from the loop line and it is proceeding ahead of us! Once that freight was out of our sight, we made a slow run to to stop in the main line of the station. We stopped there for 5 minutes, and started our journey again. We were gaining speed, but we stopped just after a few kilometers. This was getting frustrated. We ahve stopped no where, all because of getting impeded by a freight. “Great job South Central Railways! You are really screwing up our run!” I thought. After a 5 minute halt, we started, and we were approaching Warangal. Since the freight ahead was blocking us, I was expecting a halt at Warangal, even though we do not had a scheduled halt. As I expected, we came to a halt in Warangal at 15:30. Some people got into our train from here. Kazipet WAG7 #28480 went non – stop through the down main line this time. We started after a 5 minutes halt, started to gain speed, and slowed down again, came to a halt at Kazipet Bye Pass. This was an extended halt for over 10 minutes, and we started at 15:55.

My train must have covered some 10 kilometers, and again we came to a halt. This was like a routine now. We start from a halt, comes to a halt in a few mins. The sad point was we were not stopping in a station, but in some places where there are just barren lands! This “procedure” happened again. This time the halt was for 5 minutes. Finally, after all this halts, we started, and now my clocked showed its 16:22. We started off again. I was calculating the delay of my train now. These unscheduled stops has really thrown my train off its schedule. Still we were trailing that freight which got ahead of us at Chintalapalli. As if my prayers were heard by the section controller, we got a clear run from then! Overtaking freights became a routine now, and after all the hiccups, now we started off to a superb run after a long time. We were doing 110-115 kmph consistantly,but still not touching 120 kmph! Potkapally was despatched at 16:40, and this train came across us at 16:55.


We are on a splendid run, and the stations were dispatched in mere seconds. We skipped Ramagundam at 17:05, which has a power staton near by. It was getting darker, but we were really enjoying the ride now. Staions like Manchiryal, Belampalli, Sirpur Kaghaznagar were all dispatched in a flash, and this phenomenal run ensured we are reducing our delay in schedule further. We crossed the legendary 12616 New Delhi – Chennai Central Grand Trunk Express some where in between, and the other legand 12622 New Delhi – Chennai Central Tamil Nadu Super Fast Express crossed us just before Balharshah. The excellent run ensured we rolled on to Balharshah at 18:44, 54 minutes behind schedule.

We started at 18:54, but another Alarm Chain Pulling delayed us further. Finally we started at 19:00, exactly 1 hour behind schedule. We started having the snacks we had brought, without noticing what is happening outside. We came to halt at 19:20, but started soon from there. We were really crawling then. We made it to Nagri by 20:13, where we overtook a Passenger train. At this time, my friend Adarsh Nair called me and told “as per railradar, your train is right behind Kerala Express (the one I came!). Get ready to witness it being overtaken”. We were all pumped up, and I “patrolled” the left door, sivakumar and gijo on the right door. We were skipping Hinganghat at a sedate speed at this time. Then we started out to accelerate at brisk pace. We were all keeping our eyes on our GPS, watching the speeds building up. 80.. 90… 100..110… Now my heart was racing, went on to 115… 120!! Now we have hit 120kmph for the first time in this entire journey. Wow! That was all I could think!! We were simply doing a phenomenal run!

It was really a thrilling run, our Loco Pilots were maintaining 120 kmph. Stations were all are like a flash of lights for some 10 seconds! We all were really looking forward for the Overtake now. But we were only watching freights in every station getting overtaken. A track divereted to our left and we slowed down to 50 kmph, and took the sharp right hand curve. We were traversing the Sewagram curve! We slowed down and joined the Mumbai – Howrah main Line, heading to Sewagram Junction. From there, the Garib Rath Started to show off its real pace. The Storm has begun. We hit 120 kmph in no time, and it was something I was experiencing for the first time in my life. I could even see sparks coming off from the wheels while taking curves! Pantograph sparks were really brilliant, and our Erode WAP4 #22890 was showing off brilliantly. We were doing frantic run, superb honking and lots of overtakes. Stations felt like stars, they just appear and disappear momentarily.

I was thanking my dear Loco Pilots in Charge and Central Railways for giving my train such a superb run and priority over every other train other. The splendid run came to a halt at Ajni, and my clock showed its 21:33. My friend Kshitij Halbe was there in Nagpur station, waiting to meet us. We started off from Ajni in 2 minutes, and made it to Nagpur by 21:47, 1 hour 12 minutes behind schedule. Rahul Ware and Ishaan Wasu had also came to meet us.

Nagpur Gang

Meanwhile, Gijo went out in search for something for us for dinner. But unfortunately he returned empty handed. I asked khitij has Kerala Express already gone. Her replied Kerala is some 40 kms outside the city, and is yet to reach Nagpur. So we had overtook it before Adarsh had called me! We started from Nagpur at 21:57, after bidding good bye to our fellow friends. We traversed the famous Nagpur diamond crossing and headed over to Bhopal. I had been to Durg before, so I’ve seen the places till Nagpur. From now its an unknown territory for me. Shan H Fernandes, one of my good friends from Bhopal rang me this time and enquired how are we doing. He greeted a good night, and I went in search of food. The onboard catering guys gave us 3 packets of chappathi, rice, daal and curd. The food qauity was above our expectations! We had them. I went to my berth, Number 20, so as others to their own berths, and I drifted off to sleep in no time.

I woke up at 05:40 after the deep sleep. I had missed the big skip of Itarsi Junction and the action between Nagpur – Itarsi and Bhopal. There was a text message in my phone which I received from sivakumar a few minutes back. It read : “Jyo, we are doing 130 kmph” I checked my GPS (I had’nt turned it off), and I saw it. Current speed :129.7 kmph! I rushed to the door near me, and opened it in all rush, only to close it instantly. It was really cold outside! I was really shivering! I didn’t realize it till then since my excitement was at its peak! So I returned to my berth, having a constant watch at my GPS. We made it to Bijauli, the station just before Jhansi Junction at 6:10 and came to a halt. Now, our train has cut down the delay to some 50 minutes, which meant we had done a brilliant run in night.

The rays of sun were slowly making its way to Earth this time. We started from Bijauli after a 10 minutes halt. We had a slow run till Jhansi home, came to a halt there at 06:30. We started after a 5 minutes, and made it to Jhansi Junction by 06:41, 1 hour 5 minutes behind Schedule. 12522 Ernakulam Junction – Barauni Junction Rapti Sagar Super Fast Express was there in our adjacent platform. We started from Jhansi at 06:47, 1 hour 6 minutes behind schedule. Our new Loco Pilots started off in grand style and we hit 130 kmph in no time. At this time, this train crossed us.

Another Unknown

We were doing another fantastic run at 130 kmph, the fastest I’ve ever did in my life yet. I haven’t brushed my teeth yet! But I was in no mood to waste this run! I countined door plating in that chilly conditions. By 07:30, I went on have my break fast, bread and Omlette. We had also bought vegetable cutlets (Superb ones). We had met the person who was in the Side Lower Berth near our bay. He was going for to meet his would be’s parents. We came to a halt at Gwalior home at 07:51. We were made to wait for 5 minutes to enter into the staion. The gentleman near our bay de boraded here,wishing us all the best for the trip. We left Gwalior by 08:03, 1 hour 25 minutes behind schedule.

We were back to 130 kmph again in no time. Morena was dispatched in grand fashion, overtaking an express train led by a Duranto livery WAP7. We were really showing the brute power of WAP4. Just as we were reaching Hetampur, we were watching trains being send to loop in the adjacent down line. After a minute, the signal towards opposite side started turing green. All the next 4 signals were green, and now we knew a high priority train is coming opposite to us. Oh dear, how come I forget this! We are going to cross the fastest train in India, the 12002 New Delhi – Bhopal Shatabdi Express! Now we all got to the doors, waiting for the precious capture. Our train slowed down at a caution, right then, we heard the scream of a WAP5 and it was all over in seconds!! Phew! That was seriously fast!! The king never disappoints!! Here is the Video:

I had a look at the video I took again, savouring that moment I saw Bhopal Shatabdi for the first time in my life. It might seem like a simple thing for others, but this moment was something for me. After the caution, we were back to our storming run, and I continued doorplating.Dholpur Junction was crossed at 08:55, overtaking some other train. After 1849 kilometers of journey, my train came into a halt at Agra Cantonment Station at 09:30, 1 hour 35 minutes behind Schedule. It was such a nice journey, which I will remember forever in my life. I just wanted a snap – myself posing in front of the loco. Gijo took care of our luggages, and Sivakumar clicked this picture for me – Which I’ll always remember in my life.

Your's Truely.

Train 3 : 18237 Bilaspur Junction – Amritsar Junction Chhattisgarh Express

We got back to Agra Cantonment Station by 3.15. Now we have time to kill, but we decided to sit in the platform waiting for the train. Announcements of Chhattisgrah Express was made by 16:00. A steam engine kind of horn woke me up my dreams, and with a very dirty looking AJNI WAP7, Chhattisgarh express came in. Our coach was S1, it was at very end of the train. Again, I had to run with my luggage towards my coach. The last part of the Journey begins! My First WAP7 journey. In the mean time, 18478 Haridwar-Puri Kalinga Utkal Express came into Platform number 1 led by Itarsi WAP4 #22756. We started at 16:23 from Agra. Just as we started to gain speed, I saw a few railway tracks going under our line, towards the right. I have no idea where it was heading to! Just as I was thinking about my train’s acceleration, we slow down and came to a halt at a station called Raja Ki Mandi. Then only I realized – It was my train’s next scheduled halt after Agra! It just took 8 minutes, and the distance is hardly 4 kilometers!

We started from there at 16:34, and now we were running behind schedule. We were then having a stop-go run: We accelerates, stops somewhere, starts again, stops again. It was frustrating! We stopped at Baad for 3 minutes. Finally after all this hiccup runs, we made it to Mathura Junction by 17:25, late by 20 minutes. Secunderabad Rajdhani crossed us here. As we were making our way out of Mathura, 16032 Jammu Tawi – Chennai Central Andaman Express mas making its way into the station, led by an Erode WAP4. Before reaching Chata, our next scheduled halt, the King of Western Railway – 12952 New Delhi – Mumbai Central Rajdhani Express stormed past us with a Ghaziabad WAP5. The king’s deputy, 12954 Hazrat Nizamuddin – Mumbai Central August Kranti Rajdhani Express passed us just before reaching Kosi Kalan. We made it to Palwal by 18:50, 10 minutes behind schedule. The thoughts of my destination getting closer and closer was really making me exited! We passed Asaoti at a sedate speed, which is one of the most known stations in India for high speed action among railfans. We left Ballabgarh by 19:15, and made it to Faridabad by 19:32, 20 minutes behind schedule. Now, the next scheduled halt is our destination!

I was hoping for an on- time arrival, but some passengers in our train had other ideas. Just as we were skipped Tuglakabad and was about to reach Okhla, some one pulled the Alarm Chain. We were stationary for 5 minutes then. We started off, again someone pulled the Chain. We were stationary for 2 more minutes, and finally we made it to my destination – Hazrat Nizamuddin by 20:05, 20 minutes behind Schedule. I was totally exhausted, but after all, 2 days of journey which I thtoughly enjoyed. As always, this journey will be remembered in my life -the whole risks and runs, the Garib Rath, 130 kmph run, and a big thanks to my fellow pals : Gijo and Sivakumar who joined me.

3 Trains in total and the whole great 52 hours I had – It was indeed the journey of my life!


A Diversion:Good For Nothing

Hi all,
This is the first blog post of mine, and I want it to be an eye opener for the authorities.

May be this is a very sensitive post, but please take this in the right way.

What I’m going to talk about the diversion of 16041/42 Chennai-Alleppy-Chennai Express via Coimbatore.

From 23rd September 2012, Southern Railways Diverted this Train via Coimbatore Junction.
Previously, it was bye passing Coimbatore. Now let us see how it affects the running time of the Train.

Before Diverting via Coimbatore:-

16041 Chennai – Alleppy Express : Chennai Departure – 21:15, Alleppy Arrival – 10:45 (next day).
16042 Alleppy – Chennai Express : Alleppy Departure – 16:05, Chennai Arrival – 06:05 (next day).

After Diverting via Coimbatore:-

16041 Chennai – Alleppy Express : Chennai Departure – 20:45, Alleppy Arrival – 10:45 (next day).
16042 Alleppy – Chennai Express : Alleppy Departure – 16:00, Chennai Arrival – 06:45 (next day).

Now, I would like to show how Time is lost while going via Coimbatore.

Scenario 1 – Skipping Coimbatore Junction :- Pothanur Junction – Irugur Byepass track, 11 kms long Electrified Single Line, Maximum Permitted Speed of 100 kmph. Usual time required to traverse this section is 10 mins,including the time taken to accelerate and decelerate while changing tracks.

Scenario 2 – Going via Coimbatore Junction:- Pothanur Junction – Coimbatore Junction track, 6kms long Electrified Double Line, Maximum Permitted Speed of 110 kmph.But the train has to slow down before the station, and crawl into the platform at a very slow speed of 10-15 kmph. The Halt at the station is for 5 minutes minimum. Now after starting from the Station, the Coimbatore Junction – Irugur line is 18 kms long, of Electrified Double Line, with the Maximum Permitted Speed of 70 kmph. So, it takes some good time to reach irugur. The usual time to traverse the entire section is 35 to 40 mins.

Now, lets come to the point.

As I’ve showed above, after diverting via Coimbatore, 16041 is taking 30 mins extra for its entire journey, where as 16042 is taking 45 mins extra for its journey.

Frankly speaking, from my experience, I have hardly seen just a very few people using this train from Coimbatore (both ways). Remember, Coimbatore does not have a change of Pilots (Change of Loco Pilots a.k.a the Driver)

Now, what difference have actually happened with this train via the diversion? Lets have a look.

From my experience in the past(before diversion), both trains used to be very punctual and reliable(in the sense, this train was on time on majority of the days).
For example, Alleppy – Chennai use to reach Chennai central around 06:00 itself, and most of the days,it’s before time at its destination.It was mainly because, it doesn’t had much hinderance in its route, because After palakkad, it has a clear route, because the gap between the train before it is 25 mins. Also, regarding Chennai – Alleppy, it also has a 30 mins gap to the train ahead of it, so it too gets a clear run. It arrives Palakkad and Thrissur right time on majority of the days, which make sure that you can make it to ernakulam by 9. This train is used by office goers in between Palakkad and Ernakulam.

What is Happening Now With This Train?? Well, that is what made me write this Post.

Lets Start with 16041 Chennai – Alleppy Express.

Now this train Departs Chennai at 20:45, 30 mins before its old departure time. Actually, it was a swap of time slot. 20:45 was the departure time of Chennai – Mettupalayam Blue Mountain (Nilgiri) Express, which is a dedicated train to Coimbatore from Chennai. Now, this Nilgiri Express departs at 21:15, the old-time of Chennai – Alleppy Express. So, what has actually changed? There is another train, precisely, the 12257 Yesvantapur Kochuveli Tri Weekly Garib Rath Express plays a vital role in delaying this train in between Palakkad and Thrissur. Now you might be wondering how?

Southern Railway did a small change in the timings of this Garibrath. In past, this Garibrath use to depart Salem Junction ahead of Chennai – Alleppy Express, so that Alleppy never had to be overtaken. Now, what our railways did it is, they put 16041 Chennai- Alleppy ahead of this Garibrath, and now, From Salem Junction to Palakkad Junction, Alleppy is following Garibrath’s old time-table. Now, garibrath closely follows Alleppy till Palakkad, and it overtakes Alleppy in between Palakkad and Thrissur. But, when Alleppy is Delayed a bit, Garib rath is delayed. But that is rare. What happens is, Garib rath comes late, and Alleppy has become a scapegoat in between Palakkad and Thrissur. Majority of the days, Alleppy is taken into PlatForm No. 3 of Thrissur (it reaches by 6.50!), and has to wait till the Garibrath Overtake. This makes a nice delay to the train from thrissur onwards. I’ve heard many of the passengers cursing Garib rath and railways for make such an arrangement, and delaying Alleppy. So, an additional halt and the new timings have made this train a late running one (for 3 working days).

Now, Don’t say this is train is for Coimbatore – Alleppy Passengers. From my experience, I’ve hardly seen someone using this train from Ernakulam to Allapuzha.

There is Kerala Express and Island Express from Coimbatore to Ernakulam which departs Coimbatore after 05:00 and reaches Erakulam by 09:30.

Now, let’s have a look at what happens with 16042 Alleppy – Chennai Express.

This is running almost on its old timings till Podanur Junction. It usually reaches Coimbatore by 22:15 – 22:25. Now, for everyone’s information, There is 12674 Cheran Express from Coimbatore to Chennai departing at 22:20, ie just 10 mins before 16042 Alleppy Chennai Express!! If you look at the time table, You can see both the trains take equal time to reach Chennai. In another words, Alleppy – Chennai Express runs 10 mins behind this Cheran Express (almost identical halt pattern!). Now, just imagine, if Cheran gets delayed more than 10 mins, Alleppy – Chennai too is delayed subsequently. And it happens most of the days, cheran gets delayed and Alleppy too is, and reaches destination late. (atleast on the days I travel in it!!). So, Southern Railways simply destroyed a good, punctual train, and made it a waste, just for a few passengers.

Now, just in case, there is a scenario like this.

16042 Alleppy – Chennai Express : Ernakulam North Departure – 17:24, Chennai Arrival – 06:45 (next day)
12624 Trivandrum – Chennai Mail : Ernakulam North Departure – 19:20, Chennai Arrival – 06:55 (next day)

A train which Departs the same station 2 hours after Alleppy Chennai reaches Same Destination just 10 mins behind it!! Now tell me, which train will passengers Prefer??!! So, this diversion and timings has also played an important role in increasing the passengers using Trivandrum – Chennai Mail, who previously used to take
Alleppy – Chennai Express.

The Lost Connection : This train used to give a connection to the bi-weekly Chennai – Nizamuddin Duranto, which departs Chennai at 06:40.My friends use to take use this connection, since this duranto Overtakes Kerala Express which departed Ernakulam 1 and a half hours ahead of Alleppy Chennai, and reaches New Delhi 4 hours ahead of it! It was really time-saving for many who used this. Now this connection is lost.

Now, what justification is there for the Coimbatore halt? Already,There are other trains serving Coimbatore from chennai and to Ernakulam in just 30 mins from alleppy’s time. So, simply for the sake of few passengers, the entire passengers time in this train is simply wasted.

Remember, TIME IS MONEY. I Hope this post can make some people think, and why I’m telling this diversion and timings was just good for nothing.


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